I did: chflags hidden /Users/MyUser/Library/(theareawheremyfileis) and it hid my file. I did this in Terminal, now I typed in ... unhidden ... and I can't seem a way to unhide the file I hid.

Along with that, I want a way to see all hidden files just using a terminal command, no matter hidden by the computer or hidden by the user using chflags.

So I need two different things.


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chflags nohidden will unhide a hidden file/folder.

You can press Command+Shift+. to show all files regardless of any other state (in macOS Sierra and above.)

Alternatively, you can run the command defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles true then relaunch Finder (any version of macOS.)


It's chflags nohidden <filename>


There is a handy Finder keyboard shortcut to toggle showing hidden files and folders:


Or, if you prefer the defaults route:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

Both have the same effect, though the keyboard shortcut does change the value of the default.

Neither of these will change any files' hidden status, but will show all hidden files and folders in Finder:

They appear "washed out" so you can differentiate them from non-hidden files.

macOS hidden folders appearance


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