I am hoping that someone knows how to do this. I've been searching online for days now and I have found no solution that works. So, I am looking for a way to export the passwords saved on Chrome as a CSV file to import it into my password manager (Enpass).

My System:
macOS: 10.13.2 Chrome: 63.0.3239.84

Here is what I have tried to far:

  • In Chrome, I went to: chrome://flags/#password-import-export
  • Then I enabled "Password import and export" and have relaunched Chrome
  • Then I went to: Settings > Advanced > Manage passwords
  • I see the export button, when I click on it, it asks me to where I want to save it, I selected "Desktop" and clicked Save.
  • Now that open the file (a CSV) and open it, I only see the headers and no data.

The CSV looks something like this:

name url username password

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