I have an encrypted sparsebundle from mid-2013. I am aware of the encryption type (AES-256) and the passphrase used to create the sparsebundle.

Unfortunately, dropbox has somehow deleted all but the bands folder of this sparsebundle. Is it theoretically possible to recover the data from this sparsebundle without the Info.plist and token files? I have bands 0 and 1.

  • Why not just create a new backup? Even if it were theoretically possible (I doubt it), would you trust it? It's a backup of your files, I wouldn't risk it.
    – Harv
    Dec 13, 2017 at 10:48

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To follow up on this - no, it is conclusively not possible to repair an encrypted sparsebundle without the token file. The token file contains the initialization details and salt for the encryption algorithm, which is just as essential as the passphrase for decrypting the data.

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