My users are requesting that we set up a conference room Mac mini (2009) for videochats using Skype.

Since iSights are no longer reliably available (and I'm not going to give up my personal one), has anyone tried any 3rd-party webcams to use under OS X, such as any of Logitech's? Any other brands you'd recommend?

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Most modern USB webcams support a generic interface called UVC (Universal Video Class). OSX supports most UVC drivers out-of-the-box (true for me in Snow Leopard) so sometimes there aren't even any third-party drivers to install. (In fact, most third-party webcam "drivers" only install useless add-ons that bloat your system.)

Logitech is very good at providing compliant UVC devices, so they're a good starting point.

I have a Logitech C525, and it works great at 720p with its built-in microphone, using both Skype and Facetime. No additional drivers required.. plug-and-play!

Older webcams that do not support UVC will require drivers of course. Furthermore, super-new UVC devices may require an extension that OSX doesn't yet handle, obviously drivers are inevitable.

If you want a list of UVC-supported devices, see the Linux UVC page. (Yes, I know Linux != OSX, but this list can be used as a starting point of other brands you can try.)


Another choice which works nicely with OS X is the Logitech c910.

in order to have 720p work, as well as a fast connection, you need a relatively fast computer. For example, 720 didn't work on my first gen Macbook Air but does work on my new 11 inch model.


I've just bought a Logitech C310 and it works perfectly on a 2014 Mac Mini running Yosemite. It cost about £25. I just plugged it in and made a video Skype call immediately. The video and sound quality are excellent. Please note - Logitech doesn't mention that it works on Mac. It does :)

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