I'd like to get a new iPod touch, I'd also like to not have to re-input all my contacts and notes (don't mind clearing out the apps) but I want to make sure of two things before I go in and take advantage of the 10% discount at the Apple Store.

  1. Can I backup my data on an as updated as possible 2nd gen iPod and restore it onto a shiny new 4th gen iPod?

  2. Can I make sure (within reason) that my data is cleared off the iPod when I turn it in to the Apple store?

  • Yes, your backed up data in iTunes from your 2nd gen iPod should be able to be restored into a new 4th gen iPod, based on my experience upgrading from a 1st gen iPod Touch to an iPhone.
  • Regarding clearing data, check out this ZDnet blog post. It includes information about the Erase all Content and Settings option that you can use to wipe the iPod, including a quote from Apple Support. More specific details for all Apple iDevices can be found on this Apple page.
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