I am trying to automate a Mac Deployment for a fleet of MacBooks. Previously this wasn't an issue, we'd just make an image machine, capture with OS X server and deploy to the other Macs.

All has now changed since the introduction of APFS


So basically most of the articles out there are correct when they say imaging Macs in coming to an end. I talked to a Systems Engineer at Apple and he confirmed that the way to do it going forward is through MDMs. Basically when you upgrade to High Sierra it does a bunch of firmware updates on the disk that make deploying images not possible -- or at least a lot harder


My Actual Question

We use VMware fusion on all our Macs and previously we would make a Windows Image and it would go along with the Mac Image, easy peasy. But now we have to deploy VMware fusion from MDM. I am able to do this quite easy and even pull the VM files from a network share.

I am just wondering if anyone is able to, or has seen a way to use the Download from Server function that is in the GUI on the command line. It would make my deployment process a lot easier. I could build my windows image on vcenter and then download it to the Mac.

Download from Server Fusion

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