macOS Sierra (10.12.6)

When I enter Exposé using any method, I select my desired window and it comes to the forefront, but then focus switches back to my previous app no matter what.


  1. Doing something in Safari
  2. Use Exposé to switch to Email (not app switcher)
  3. Email comes to the front (or un-minimizes)
  4. Safari comes back to the front

This also happens if I switch between windows of the same app. Meaning, if I switch from one email window to another email window via Expose, Safari again takes focus.

It's a simple bug with Exposé not giving focus to the correct app, but this all works perfectly on my other computer running Yosemite.

  • What if you try safe mode? If it works in osx's safe mode, that could mean that a third party app is affecting it somehow.
    – Joonas
    Commented Dec 7, 2017 at 21:14

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This is a bug that occurs when the app in question is assigned to "All Desktops".

Here's a work-around: right click the App in the dock and select Options > Assign to > This Desktop or None.


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