There is a date bug on iOS 11.1.2 which causes iOS to constantly respring after 2nd December, caused by recurring local notifications. iPhone with repeating loading spinner

I'm currently on iOS 11.0.1 and unaffected by this bug. Which versions of iOS are affected?

The Apple support article about the bug does not state which versions of iOS are affected, only that iOS 11.2 resolves the problem.

I was backing up my device ready to update to 11.1 as I haven't seen any reports of this version being affected, then watched as Apple stopped signing it right before my eyes. I don't want to update to iOS 11.2 for the potential of a jailbreak. Is 11.1.1 (the only other non-11.2 version being signed right now) susceptible to this bug?


iOS (11.1.1 & 11.1.2) version are affected.

This bug fixed in iOS 11.2

Article link : https://appleinsider.com/articles/17/12/02/new-ios-bug-causes-some-devices-to-crash-on-dec-2-heres-how-to-fix-it

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