I was travelling in China with my Macbook and USB-C Power Adapter. While plugged in at a hotel, the prongs of adapter got burnt.

Is it okay to just replace the prongs, or is it likely that the adapter's circuits have been damaged? There is no other visible damage to any other part of the charger.

Should I just replace the whole adapter to be safe?

enter image description here


Taking a close look at the adapter, you will notice there is evidence of melted metal on the second prong most likely caused by arcing.

enter image description here

What this tells me is that there was a short from the hot to neutral which (should have) tripped the breaker. What caused it? Any number of things from faulty wiring to a surge with enough voltage to cause the electricity to "jump" from one conductor to the next.

Is your adapter safe to use?

Yes, provided it works. Adapters are designed to isolate the high(er) voltage mains AC from the lower, cleaner, usable DC voltage. If anything was damaged due to a surge, the adapter simply won't work (most likely the internal fuse would be blown).

Bottom line... you can plug it in and it won't hurt your Mac. You can even used the charred AC plug connector and it will still work. Unless the prong is broken, or so physically deformed that it's causing a short, there's nothing to worry about.


If there is no damage to the body of the brick and it appears to be functioning normally, I would personally be okay just replacing the prong portion.

That said, Apple may be interested in trading out the entire power supply free of charge. They care a ton about product safety. They may be interested in dissecting it to determine if it was a manufacturing defect. You can find Apple support contact information here.

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    Honestly this is a bit of "my opinion is..." question. The wall outlet that did this to the adapter COULD have damaged it and plugging it into your Mac COULD also damage your Mac. The odds of that are unknown it could be minimal or... You have to decide if spending money on a new adapter "just in case" is worth it to you. – Steve Chambers Dec 5 '17 at 15:44
  • Of course. There is no one right answer to this question. – drivec Dec 5 '17 at 15:49

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