I have several Spotify playlists that I would like to burn to audio CDs, after doing some light editing on the song transitions.

I would value some advice about my draft workflow below:

  1. Record the Spotify audio to AIFF, using something like Audio Hijack
    • I understand that recording Spotify might not produce the best quality audio. I have a paid Spotify account with high quality streaming, though, so it should be good enough.
    • Is there a better solution than using Audio Hijack here? Soundflower + …? Quicktime Player only seems to record to M4A, so it does not look like a good option.
  2. Edit the AIFF with something like GarageBand, Reaper or Audacity
    • Not sure what to use here. I find neither of the software entirely satisfying.
    • I need to burn gapless tracks.
  3. Export to… some format that I can easily burn? MP4 with tracks index? APE + CUE?
    • I'm at a loss here, because I do not have a CD/DVD drive on my own (MacBook Air) laptop, and will be using an iMac or PC at work.

Any comments/suggestions would be welcome.

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