I have an interesting problem for quite some time now. My menubar turns all sorts of states on external monitors.

I have a 3-monitor-setup on an iMac 5K. I use two external Dell displays to the left and right of the built-in screen. On my right display, when it is inactive, the menubar turns completely transparent, except for the status icons. On my left display, everything stays normal, whether active or not. On my main display the menubar turns opaque white (including status icons) when inactive.

Here's a screenshot of the situation on the main monitor: main monitor with white menubar

And here it is on the right-most-display (icons blurred for privacy): right monitor with transparent menubar

Several reboots and even a macOS update (it happened on 10.13.0, too) didn't fix it, neither did manually killing SystemUIServer. What can I do?

Installed tweaks affecting the menubar (no difference when disabling): Bartender, BetterTouchTool

OS: macOS High Sierra 10.3.1 (17B1003)


I was able to resolve this by going into Settings > General and toggling "Use dark menu bar and dock" off and back on.

  • This didn't do the trick for me. I also attempted changing the window arrangement by moving the menu from monitor to monitor. Seems to have just started and the only recent changes was some Office updates so not sure what triggered it. OSX 10.14.5. Update - I disconnected the Thunderbolt 3 cables to my LG Ultrafine(s) and reversed order. Issue went away. Might be time for a SMC/PRAM Reset. – Mark Sep 11 at 16:42

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