I'm following the guide Install Kibana with .tar.gz, and not sure where I should put it on a Darwin/OS X system. I know I can probably put it where I want, but wondering if there is a designated/standard place on my system for such tools. On this tutorial, they use Yum which puts it into a Yum repo, but I'm not sure if that's what I want to use. My Elasticsearch is installed at /usr/local/elasticsearch-6.0.0 with a symbolic link to it at /usr/local/elasticsearch.

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On macOS the canonical place to install Unix software is /usr/local/, with the usual set of bin, lib, etc etc. beneath it. Going with this your installation of elasticsearch would seem to be bit odd but that is probably easy to fix.

You could also go with Homebrew which allows an easy installation of a lot of Unix software (and which uses /usr/local as a base as well). Both Kibana (4.4) and Elasticsearch (2.4) are available through Homebrew.

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