I don't know what's happening but, during the day media keys accidentally start/stop working for manage iTunes. For me helps only rebootthe whole system. I've googled for solution but any of it not work for me. (there are no any of extensions like Spotify, Deezer etc on mine). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


It seems that with High Sierra Apple is trying to detect which application should be controlled by the media keys. They work fine until you use something (e.g., a browser other than Safari) and the system get confused.

This can be fixed with an open source application: BeardedSpice

BeardedSpice is a menubar application for Mac OSX that allows you to control web based media players and some native apps with the media keys found on Mac keyboards. It is an extensible application that works with Chrome (Canary, Yandex, Chromium) and Safari, and can control any tab with an applicable media player.

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