I have installed Slack App on my Mac OS and it works all fine. However, I do not see that application in Applications folder. I am very new to Mac and may be I am missing something but to my knowledge, IF App does is installed on the machine then it has to be in Applications folder.

Is there any reason under which it can not be in the Applications folder?


An app can be in any directory. It is suggested to move them to the Application folder so they are easy to find.

When you downloaded Slack it probably went to your download folder. Did you copy it from there to Applications? If so follow directions below. If not, it could still be in your download folder.

There are 2 Application folders. One is under your home directory and the other is at the root level. Slack should in the Application folder at the root level. From a finder window you can right click on the directory name at the top of the finder window. Click on Macintosh HD and that will display contents of the root directory. You should find the Applications listed there.

From the terminal, cd to the root level and do an ls to see the other directories (folders).

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With any running application that shows in the Dock, you can press the command key and click the application's Dock Tile to have a Finder window open at its installed location, highlighting the app.

If you have Finder's Path Bar showing, (at the bottom of the Finder window), then you can see its path in relation to the volume it's installed on, which it typically the Macintosh HD in the /Applications folder.

Without Finder's Path Bar showing you can right-click (control click) on the folder name at the top center of the Finder window to show its path.

  • Thanks so much. I tried literally everything on the internet and almost gave up, before I saw your post. Thanks once again, really appreciate it. – Mark Hettwer Aug 4 '18 at 15:57

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