I am learning French and I have a folder with 5000 words in it (ie 5000 mp3 files).

Out of the 5000 words there are 1243 that I still don't know. I want to extract those 1243 words and put them into a separate folder.

I have the 1243 file names listed in Excel, eg "autrement.mp3"

How do I search for them all at once, or in batches?



I found the answer here:


This worked for me:

Use the free software called EasyFind

  • Drag and drop your root folder in the window to set the source
  • Copy paste the list of photos you're looking for (you'll only see one in the box but they're all there if you arrow up/down.
  • Select "Any Word" in the options on the left
  • Hit enter to search
  • Select all the items in that list and copy (option+drag) or move them (drag) to a folder in finder.

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