This discovery came after my latest question: High Sierra's External Display bug heats Macbook's, damaged my Retina Screen, what can I do?

I use my macbook on a stand with good airflow, after High Sierra, I noticed unusual high heating along with poor gpu performance, afterwards I noticed screen damage, and now, I discovered that my macbook is physically swollen, 2-3mm's I'm guessing

The issues could be unrelated to High Sierra, yet, it would be too big of a coincidence if it's not the cause, as things were breezy beforehand

Here's a picture of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/feBG7

Swollen Mid 2014 Macbook

The trackpad area is swollen, the trackpad doesn't click any more, the battery reports "Normal" condition (Cycle count: 12), the lid doesn't close any more, but everything luckily works for now

I assume it's the battery that's swollen, but even with the high heating I complain about, the GPU temperatures was 80C at most and enclosure temps weren't extremely high

It's a shocking issue for me, I'm wondering whether there is a solution other than buying a new Macbook, unsure how to approach the issue in general, and since I use the device daily, really don't want to part with it even for repairs or inspection, I'm located in Turkey

Also curious why I experienced these issues with High Sierra and whether anyone else has similar experiences


It shouldn’t be shocking that this could happen. The software change is pure coincidence. When lithium batteries fail - they offgas and there are “airbags” to contain the gas but the case / trackpad will be deformed by this safety design. Overcharging is a safety issue - back up immediately - get it to service and stop charging the Mac. See the links back to 2007 - Apple’s newer batteries are far more resistant to this, but still the chemistry and potential to swell exist.

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  • Thanks, will do, in hindsight, makes a lot of sense, I hoped it was relatively safe to use even in this state, but after reading more about the issue, I'll call Apple tomorrow. I don't think it's a coincidence tho, High Sierra with an external display seemingly amplifies gpu resource usage for some reason, I think it's either a heating caused issue, or more likely, the constant power hog might have cause the overcharging, at those times, I had the browser open 24/7 for work – Kaan Nov 26 '17 at 17:48
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    @KaanSoral Good plan. We run MacBook at full CPU / full GPU / full heat day and night for years and years at work. Some small fraction of them get this failure so I doubt it’s anything you could have controlled for / caused. In fact, the numbers show the portables that travel fail at far higher rates than those that just sit and run all the time. – bmike Nov 26 '17 at 18:40

Make a full backup and get it into a store/repair shop for inspection.

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