Recently I got myself into quite a pickle that eventually required I format my Mac’s dual-SSD RAID-0 array and restore from a Time Machine backup.

Unfortunately Time Machine has spent the past 24 hours stuck on “Preparing [destination disk]” and shows absolutely no sign of progress. (The backup is hosted on a Time Capsule-emulating Synology NAS.) There is no information on what is going on behind the scenes, just a solid pulsing blue progress bar that doesn’t even initialize and start creeping rightwards. Before the process began there was some cryptic remark about encryption needing to be disabled subsequently re-enabled as FileVault once restoring is complete, and I authorized the request to erase the destination disk.

Quite suspiciously it asks me to acknowledge disabling encryption every time I restart the process, which might imply that some latent form of FileVault is lingering, but I have erased the disk several times and each time explicitly instructed the system to format as JHFS+, unencrypted and case-insensitive.

(Keep in mind that “disk” in this context actually means RAID volume, as the two physical SSDs each host slices of the unified striped RAID-0 volume.)

I tried dropping into the Terminal because I vaguely remember the


commmand but it is not present in the barebones toolkit of the macOS installer.

Can somebody help me figure out what is going on?


(Tragic aside: while in a panic and desperately trying to unmake my unbootable APFS-formatted RAID array which I created and that got me into this pickle, I accidentally nuked my FireWire-attached CarbonCopyCloner backup, so I’m stuck using Apple’s blunt instrument with no information whatsoever.)


I have since discovered that Apple has fully deprecated support for the APFS and that consequentially restoring from a network-attached device (as is my Synology NAS) requires re-sharing with the SMB protocol.

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  • Did this work for you? I’m having the same unresolving “Preparing “volume name”...” issue restoring to a dual SSD RAID0 array from an encrypted time machine backup. Any guidance is greatly appreciated! – thepen Apr 8 '18 at 23:11

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