I have an iPhone 5C and have logged out of iCloud (in order to test in App Purchasing on an App under development).

The 'phone indicated "Removing iCloud data...", which seems reasonable, but it has been stuck like that for around 30 minutes now, which does not. There is not that much iCloud data on the 'phone.

Pressing Home closes settings and other apps can be run. But the logout process does not appear to be complete as the In App Purchase test does not ask for an account name, just a password. Reopening Settings just brings back the "Removing iCloud data..." indication.

Any thoughts?


After an hour I decided there was something clearly wrong, so this is what I did to resolve it:

  1. Powered down (long press on the top button, slide to power off),
  2. Powered up and entered password,
  3. Opened Settings (I appeared to still be still logged in to iCloud, but iCloud was off - it seems that things were just half completed in the original sign out),
  4. Signed Out of iCloud again (this time it finished almost immediately).

The In-App-Purchase test then worked fine.


What I did was to:

  1. follow what @Ali Beadle's approach
  2. from another iOS device, go to settings and delete the iCloud Backup for this old device

After 2) was done, the signing out is immediately done.

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