I've been using Total Terminal (former Visor) for a while now. With the new High Sierra update to osx when I try to open a new tab with Cmd ⌘ + T it ends up opening it like a new window, separately from the sticky tab I already have opened. I have to mention that it worked great on Sierra.

I've checked the settings and I have "open with same profile" and "open in same working directory" checked. Also I've entered Recovery Mode and set the csrutil enable --without debug which Total Terminal needs starting from El Capitan.

The Total Terminal web page says it's not currently under development and High Sierra is not listed under Compatibility.

If anyone managed to find a fix around this, it'll be highly appreciated. If not, I'm thinking about switching to iTerm2. Apparently the developer of Total Terminal recommends doing so too.


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It's time to move over to iTerm2. It's highly unlikely a fix will be found in the wild because it doesn't make sense to do so.

It's no longer under active development. From the About page on their website

enter image description here

SIP must be disabled to use. (IMO), disabling SIP to get a non-critical app to function is not a wise path to pursue. SIP adds a layer of protection to your system that isn't worth disabling for a terminal app. From their web page specifically on SIP

System Integrity Protection (SIP) is a new security feature introduced by Apple. That's good, but unfortunately it prevents TotalTerminal from augmenting Terminal. This article will tell you how to configure your machine, so that you can use TotalTerminal. Before you do this, it is important to get informed about what System Integrity Protection is, and what it means to turn it off. Technical details are well covered in SIP review on Ars Technica. Apple also provided some information here.

And finally, the note from the developer himself:

Do you really depend on TotalTerminal workflows so much that you want to possibly lower your system security? Frankly, I'm going to stop TotalTerminal development because I have personally switched to iTerm 2. It offers similar functionality to Visor and comparable features to build-in Terminal.app.


Total Terminal requires you to disable security. It would be counter productive to find/create/bodge a workaround when ultimately you would end up with an insecure system when there are already excellent alternatives (like iTerm2) that don't have this vulnerability/flaw/drawback.

  • I was already 90% sure about the iterm2 switch before the post, but wanted one last chance with totalTerminal bc I got used to it. Took me like 30 minutes to configure iterm2 like I'm used to interact with it. Nevertheless, I don't feel any drawbacks after switching, the transition has been pretty smooth. Marking this as the correct answer as nobody else responded.
    – Raul Rene
    Commented Nov 21, 2017 at 22:17

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