Just tried Firefox Dev and everything returns invalid certificate issues. One possible cited cause are AV software, so I'd like to suspend Avast and see if it clears up.

Suspend/stop - not "turn off shields", that doesn't do much - Avast is still on the menu bar and still shows up on pgrep. At the end of the day, I don't really care about live shields anyway - more interested in scanning downloads and the like.

I guess I could look at system services and turn Avast off there, but is there no way to tell the app to shut down? Unusual to have such a badly behaved app on Macs.

edit: all the launchctl fu I tried to apply didn't work and it even re-appeared after a reboot. I think I'll have to de-install it if I want to truly stop it. Not helping my trust either with a spammy "your system is wasting x GB storage, do you want to fix it?" popup of theirs.

As far as Avast + Firefox Dev edition goes, looking at Connection is Untrusted, I saw that the user uninstalled and reinstalled to accept the Avast cert.

So... I:

  1. went to regular FF preferences searched for 'certificates' and exported the Avast cert.

  2. went to FF dev version and imported the cert I had just exported. Its trust only needs to identify websites.

FF Dev works now.

Still not sure I will keep Avast around.

Uninstalled, this whole "can't be paused or disabled" is arrogant and annoying, especially as the main reason for wanting it was on-demand scanning of downloads, not constant running.

  • AVs don't like things trying to switch them off... that's part of their job. See if it has a whitelist option somewhere [idk Avast specifically] – Tetsujin Nov 16 '17 at 8:49
  • Yes, I know. On the other hand, AVs have some pretty poor security practices themselves because they can be used to hijack systems themselves. I am sitting on the fence on keeping Avast around - it's not the first time I've de-installed Mac AVs, they hardly seem worth the hassle and it's not like they are in any way really battle-tested, unlike on Windows. So "it's their job" clashes with "I'm in control of my machine" here. – JL Peyret Nov 16 '17 at 8:55
  • i have to agree; & Avast particularly is known to be very heavy on the system. I could even feel its impact on a dual 6-core Xeon Mac Pro. I go through phases of "must have an AV/gotta get rid of this AV", right now in the 'get rid' phase, last one to go was BitDefender... they just get in the way :/ – Tetsujin Nov 16 '17 at 9:04

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