I did brew update and brew upgrade

Now my PostgreSQL is 10.1 On the server I have 9.6 and I want it to be the same.

I can connect and read my data now still (as I assume the brew service didn't restart, but I didn't run pgupgrade or anything yet)

Also found packages as

brew search postgres

I have

$ brew search postgres
==> Searching local taps...
postgresql ✔     check_postgres   postgres-xc      [email protected]   [email protected]   [email protected]   postgrest

What is the best and safest way to downgrade the package, save my current database and make [email protected] run? As I would like a version identical with the server we are working on (9.6), and I would like to make sure pg_upgrade never made it "PostgreSQL 10".

Is there any safe way to downgrade? I could do it on Linux from a description but the Mac+homebrew postgres user management works differently (for example doesn't use a postgres Unix user)

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Had the same problem and found this from https://jaketrent.com/post/downgrade-previously-installed-brew-formula/

  1. brew install [email protected]
  2. brew switch postgres 9.6.3
  3. brew info postgres // prints summary that should show no conflicts
  4. brew services start postgresql // if desired, of course.
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