I just recently purchased a refurbished MacBook Air from Apple running Sierra.

For the most part it is functioning just how I would expect it to, except for the following: for certain networks (it appears to be limited to just wpa2 personal networks. wpa2 enterprise with RADIUS authentication connects automatically just fine) it will not remember the pass.

I leave the network, rejoin, and get prompted with the message:

A keychain cannot be found to store "NETWORK."

It gives me an option to reset the keychain, which I would love to do (there are no custom CA/client certificates on here yet, just a stock certificate bank), but when it prompts me to put in my password, I can't type anything in the box.

I have tried the solution listed here, but still get the same result.

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A restart after applying system updates fixed this issue.


There might be some system update which must be waiting, try restarting the Mac.

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    – fsb
    Feb 18, 2020 at 14:26

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