I just come from windows to mac, so I have some habits in windows that I want to continue on my mac. In windows, I use trackpad for natural way, which means when I move upwards on trackpad, the page goes down. While when I use mouse, I set the mouse as traditional way, which means I scroll down, the page goes down.

Now, when I come to mac, the issue comes. I mac, I know there is setting about natural way or not for both mouse and trackpad, however, they cannot be changed simultaneously. If I set trackpad as the natural way, the mouse goes to natural way automatically. What I NEED is the natural way for my trackpad, and un-natural(tranditional) way for my mouse.

How can I achieve above? I really want to keey my habits in windows.

  • Check out karabiner elements. Probably will work. – William Nov 12 '17 at 23:16
  • Thank you for your answer, I downloaded this app, but how can I map mouse scroll up to scroll down? – Tianbo Nov 12 '17 at 23:52
  • I haven't looked into this issue, but what William says may or may not be true. Karabiner was rebuilt due to some changes in Sierra. It has beefed up a bit, but it still doesn't have all the functionality that the old version 10 had. With that version you definitely can do that. Karabiner Elements might not be capable though. — I'll take a look at this later. – Joonas Nov 13 '17 at 0:43
  • In System Preferences you got separate settings for Mouse and Trackpad. I'm not on my macbook right now and I can't check or remember, but I'm pretty sure both of them should have a separate checkbox for "Scroll direction natural". – Joonas Nov 13 '17 at 8:08
  • 1
    I have tried scroll reverser, it works!!! Appreciate your advice!!! Now I can keep my windows habit now, LOL – Tianbo Nov 13 '17 at 8:34

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