Having read to numerous posts on 🍏SE like 1, 2, 3, 4, which all predate iOS 11 and having looked into VLC, Vox, Documents, and of course the files.App I hope someone else has already figured out how to download and conveniently play audio files (mp3, m4a etc.) within iOS, across multiple devices.

I sketched up the workflow/use-case I envisioned:

my envisioned workflow

Without the need to use iTunes on PC or Mac, I would like to be able to use the iOS Files app to store and organise audio files (e.g. audio-books, lectures, talks, speeches). These folders and files are automatically synced via iCloud (this is the part which obviously and fortunately works already).

The other part of my set up seems to be the tricky one (is it a apple developer policy thing?). I would like to use an app (I am happy to pay for it) which has access to the audio files. I know I can just play single files from within the Files app. But the Files app does not feature album arts and playlists. Also file-browsers like the Files app or Documents do not remember which files I have listened to the last time or where I stopped.

Has anyone figured out a work-flow or found an app which would support my use-case?

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