I recently switched back to Apple's iOS podcast app, and it looks like the Recently Played ("Nylig spilt" in norwegian) section is not behaving properly. I can't make sense of which podcasts/episodes appears in this list, or in which order they are sorted.

Only some old podcasts appear here, and there is no logic to which one. The HighExistence podcast I have never started listeing to yet, and the other podcasts listed is really old, and not played using Apple's podcast app. I listened to these using Pocket Casts, but don't think this app can pick this up.

enter image description here

Also when I tap on "Show all" the list is not sorted at all. Not sorted after date or anything, just scrambled around.

enter image description here

I tried to delete the app and data, and install it back in again, without it working, except the HighExistence podcast was added, without me having listened to it yet. 🤔

So, anyone know the expected behaviour of this section, and maybe have a solution? I would guess it would show the podcasts I recently finished in sorted order, which would be useful.

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