I'm not able to use "Highlight" shortcut. No matter I press control+command+h or control+command+u, it results in underlining text. Clicking the "Highlight" button also underlines text. I can highlight text using highlight with specific though.

But it's quite inconvenient that I am not able to use shortcut to highlight. How could I fix it? enter image description here


Try clicking the highlight button (while not having any text highlighted) and select the highlight colour. It'll show a check mark beside the one you choose. Then unclick it and try the highlight shortcut again and it should make the default that colour highlight.


I just find you can select no text then change default highlight type. So it's not a bug and problem solved.

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    Nice workaround but still a bug. – Jurgenfd Oct 4 '18 at 20:18

There is no need to use any shortcut command ... its direct... just keep the highlight selected and u can highlight text by just double finger drag...

enter image description here

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