I use smcFanControl to control the CPU fan speed, and now wish to reset it so that MacOS automatically adjust the fan speed. Even after using the Reset option in smcFanControl, the CPU fan speed is still fixed to the last value.

How can I reset the CPU fan settings?

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Restarting the computer should reset the fans to the computers control. I would also recommend making sure its not in the startup applications so it doesn't turn on when you login, and possibly take control of your fans again.

Solution #2

If that doesn't work try doing a SMC reset, this will almost surely reset the fans to system control. Again with this one, I would recommend you make sure it isn't in your startup applications.

How to reset the SMC

Remove Start Up Application


If you still want to use software to control the fan I would recommend using this software. I personally use it to monitor my computers temperature and to control the fans.

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    Thanks! SMC reset change the fan speed back to the minumum 2000 RPM, but it does not speed up even when the CPU is heating up (70-80C+). Macs fan control works great though
    – hanxue
    Commented Nov 6, 2017 at 18:29

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