When ever I turn on Mac every day at first I see this folder missing icon then I go to safe mode then I restart it works normal. When I turn on Mac again on next day I get this again and I have to repeat safe mode process again. I did svc reset and nvram too and even recovery mode process and did a first aid from utility. Nothing works.


If it was me I would:

  • Make a full backup of my hard drive (if you haven't already got one)
  • Reset the NVRAM

If that doesn't resolve the issue, I'd be inclined to investigate replacing your hard drive. However, since you'd have a fresh backup, you could do a full fresh reinstallation of macOS, ensuring that you reformat the drive while you're at it.

Resetting the NVRAM

Older Macs had what's called Parameter RAM (PRAM), newer Macs use Non-Volatile Random-Access Memory (NVRAM). Since you haven't specified the exact model of Mac you have, follow these generic steps to reset the NVRAM:

  1. Shut down your machine. Yes, a full shut down, not just logging out.
  2. Press the power button and then immediately press the commandoptionpr keys.
  3. Keep these keys pressed down for at least 20 seconds!
  4. Let go of the keys and let your Mac reboot normally.

Note: When you log back in you may need to readjust some of your system preferences (e.g. speaker volume, screen resolution, startup disk selection, time zone information, etc).

As I mentioned above, if this doesn't resolve the issue, it's time to try a fresh installation of macOS or replacing your drive.

  • I tried nvram but now will try to reinstall os. – user8550706 Nov 6 '17 at 7:44

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