Since I updated to High Sierra, I frequently get the "No Backups for x Days" notification. I used to be able to make this go away by turning off Time Machine in the System Preferences until I needed it, but there is no way to turn Time Machine off anymore. How can I get rid of these notifications?


Figured out the completely non-obvious solution. In the Time Machine preferences you have to right-click on the drive icon and then select "Stop Using {Drive Name} for Backup".

enter image description here

Extremely terrible UX, but at least it's doable!

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  • I verified this. It is a good solution. To turn Time Machine back on, just select the backup disk again. – James Vanderhyde Dec 28 '17 at 2:06

I suggest you get TimeMachineEditor and set your backup schedule to once a week or some time period you find more suitable. This app overrides the hourly backup default schedule of Time Machine and lets you define time periods to prohibit backups.

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