I have broken the touch bar in my MacBook Pro 13". Only the ESC key keeps working.

Replacing the touch bar may be expensive so I'd like to know if it is possible to replace its functions with keyboard shortcuts.

The functions I am highly interested in are:

  • volume
  • screen backlight
  • keyboard backlight

Karabiner was created for this. It'll allow you to create a layer for your volume toggle and setting, brightness, play/pause, and everything else the function row or touch bar was able to provide - except, of course, the very custom programming some apps have the touch bar hew to.

I primarily use Karabiner for my volume:

a: volume -
s: volume +
d: mute toggle


No its not possible to assign volume, screen backlight and keyboard backlight functions to any other key on your Mac (at least not without the installation of a third party app).

However, you can still adjust the volume without having to go into Settings everytime by enabling the volume icon in the menu bar.

Head into System Preferences > Sound > Check the Show Volume in Menu bar option.

enter image description here

Unfortunately you can only add a menu bar icon for volume and there is no menu bar shortcut for Screen Backlight and Keyboard backlight.

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