In iOS 11, the Dock has gained some potentially useful features related to recent apps and app suggestens. For me however, it constitutes visual clutter, and I want to get rid of it.

Hence I disabled the "recent apps" in “Settings → General → Multitasking & Dock”.

                                     The setting is already disabled.

However, whenever I use the alarm clock, an icon reappears.

                                     Or so I thought...

Until I reboot, the symbol remains. To make matters worse, it doesn't just sit idle; The dock will first appear without the symbol, followed by the suggestion-area sliding in as an animation, resulting in animated visual clutter.

The icon is not related to an active alarm, but it reappears every time after the alarm has been used.

Is there any possibility to get rid of such icons entirely?

Observed on iPad Air 2 (64 GB).

  • It works fine for me. I have an iPad Air 2, also, running iOS 11.1.
    – fsb
    Oct 25, 2017 at 13:03
  • Do you have a daily alarm set up? I always use one-time alarms, so maybe there might be a difference.
    – kdb
    Oct 25, 2017 at 15:29
  • No, I don't have any alarms setup. I wouldn't think there would be a difference because Alarms are just apps, like everything else.
    – fsb
    Oct 25, 2017 at 15:37

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That is a new feature in iOS 11. Your iPad is learning about your usage habits and recommending that app due to the time of day. There is currently no way to turn off this feature.

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