I am getting spam to one of my e-mail addresses. The recipient's address, however, only shows an mailing list (I guess), to which I have never subscribed:


I am trying to find out, to which mail address this mail was sent. I am using a catchall info@mydomain.com address, but I never use that to sign up for any website. Instead, I would use stackoverflow@mydomain.com. So now, I am trying to find out, which website gave away my e-mail address for spamming, but I cannot find a way to see the <culprit>@mydomain.com in the recipient.

I am running macOS Sierra.

  • It might also be a phoney To: address with a long string of BCC’s— the full headers probably won’t help but you should check them for clues (if it’s a valid mailing list you might get lucky there). You would need server logs to track it down, and if you have catch-all as you say you’ll likely be chasing your tail. – Tyson Oct 25 '17 at 0:49

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