I see how to add a label (i.e. home, work, etc.) for iCal events on a Mac, but how do you add labels via your iCloud account or on iPhone?


These aren't labels, they're separate calendars.

  1. In the Calendar app on iPhone, choose Calendars at the bottom, then choose Add Calendar.
  2. Enter a calendar name and choose a colour, then tap Done.
  3. Move events to this calendar by selecting an event, choosing Calendar and setting it.

You can create new "Calendars" in iCal to organize your events by color and show/hide Calendars as needed.

iCloud.com: Open "Calendar" App, Click "Edit" (bottom left), Click "+" to add a new Calendar.

iPhone: Open "Calendar" App, Click "Calendars" (bottom middle), Click "Add Calendar" to add a new Calendar.

You will be able to give a name and color of your choosing to the Calendar!

Move Event to Another Calendar: Open the event, click "Calendar", select new Calendar.

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