I have a PC (running Windows) with a collection of MP3 files I ripped from CD. I installed iTunes ( and setup iCloud Music Library, and it went through the uploading/matching process on my files.

From my iPhone (iOS 11.0.3, and which has iCloud Music Library enabled), I can see all of my library in the Music App. However I noticed that some files would not play - a popup would appear saying "Item Not Available" and "This item can't be played".

I did a little digging in my library, and I found that I have this problem with files with an iCloud status of Uploaded. I can play files with a status of Matched just fine.

The files with a status of Uploaded are not available on Apple Music or the iTunes store - e.g. Turkish music from the 60s. So they will never become Matched. But, I should still be able to play them as an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscriber - that is supposed to be a selling point of iCloud Music Library.

Is there something wrong with my library (iTunes side or iPhone side) that is preventing these songs from playing? I have fewer than 100,000 songs, so that is not the problem.

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The problem should be in iTunes on your PC.

Since Apple Music couldn't find any matching, iTunes Match should automatically upload your song, only if they are matching the specifications. They are found in the section "About file formats"

  • They are matching the specifications, and they were uploaded. If they weren't, the status would be "Ineligible", not "Uploaded".
    – craig65535
    Commented Oct 23, 2017 at 7:20

I think I figured this out. What fixed it for me was plugging my iPhone into the computer with my iTunes library, and syncing. I had not done that since iTunes had finished uploading my collection.

It didn't seem to transfer any files (other than doing a backup), but after that, I could play all of my songs on my phone.

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