Since recently my iPhone syncing to iTunes plays up with a dialog box saying

Attempting to copy to the disk "Macintosh HD" failed. The required folder cannot be found.

Required folder cannot be found

When I select the "OK" button nothing changes in iTunes with the syncing process being stuck on "step 5 of 5" forever.

Syncing iPhone (Step 5 of 5)

On the sidebar the iPhone info is just showing the spinning "sync" icon, which also shows in the status bar of the iPhone itself.

iPhone Syncing

The whole process doesn't complete unless I quit iTunes. I've tried to remember what I might've changed in the lead up the the syncing playing up, and the only thing that comes to mind is the download of a podcast. The downloaded podcast copied over well.

I've also checked that I'm signed in to iTunes, and I have restarted the computer, just in case. None of that has fixed the problem.

Which folder could iTunes refer to here, that it considers missing, or is there anything I could do to resolve this issue? What is happening at step 5 of the syncing process?

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