I recently purchased a 2017 MacBook Pro 13" no Touchbar, so I have just 2 USB-C ports available.

I've spent literally like 2-3 days looking for the perfect USB-C Dongle (I like the ones that take the 2 ports and turn them into a full range of different ports)

But I'm concerned because at home I have a external monitor that doesn't have USB C port, so when I had my old 2012 Macbook I used a mini DisplayPort to Displayport. But, now with this MacBook pro I do not know what to do!

I keep reading that in USB-C hubs/dongles, just ONE port charges the Macbook and sends video signal, the other one is just a USB-C port.

So, if I purchase a USB-C to Displayport cable to connect to my monitor, I won't be able to charge the MacBook at the same time, right?

What can I do?

In summary: I need a way to connect my MacBook to my ASUS PB278Q (HDMI is ok also) and at the same time charge the MacBook and be able to have a good USB C hub (in the worst of cases.. one with a cable will do)

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From Apples's specification page, the 2017 MacBook Pro 13" has two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports:

enter image description here

Thunderbolt 3 has several different signals embedded within it:

  • PCIe
  • USB 3.1
  • Power
  • DisplayPort

USB-C is just the connector type not the USB specification. In this case, the USB specification is 3.1.

What you need is a USB-C Displayport cable - it's basically a DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable because the DisplayPort signals are already present (it's Thunderbolt). You would only need an adapter if it was just a simple USB port.

If you get one of those hubs/dongles, it must support DisplayPort and/or power passthrough. If you get a USB hub, then you lose the Thunderbolt functionality.

If you want something that you can have a single cable setup that preserves your charging, display and USB connectivity, I suggest getting a Thunderbolt dock. They're not cheap, but they do offer the functionality you're looking for.

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    I think i threw the answers in the wrong way What mostly i want, is being able to use a double USB C hub (like HyperMedia or similar) WITH the USBC to DisplayCable but still being able to charge the MacBook, and i know that all those hubs/dongles that have 2 usb C, they just have one to charge the MacBook and display video to an external monitor) Commented Oct 19, 2017 at 11:41
  • If you hang a hub/dongle off the TB port of your MBP, you are limited to what it provides. The two ports support everything you're looking for; if the hub only provides charging on one port, no cable or fix will overcome that. Your best bet is to get the dock.
    – Allan
    Commented Oct 19, 2017 at 11:47

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