I uploaded a video to my YouTube account from a friend's iPhone. Now I want to to sign out so that he can upload videos from his own account, but it's no longer prompting to login to a YouTube account or giving an option to log out, it's just leaving my account signed in. Help? Thanks.

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  • Start the YouTube app on the iPhone
  • Select ".../More" at the bottom right
  • Select "Sign out" at the top left

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If you did it from the Camera Roll, I think you should go into the actual Youtube app on the phone and have him sign in with his/her account now, and I think that should fix it. Either that or what Iskra said


If you've upgraded to 7+ OS you can sign out in the share screen when you are in camera roll > click on a video to share > click on youtube > scroll down to the bottom > click on your account username > click on option to log out.


Youtube has changed recently. Now you have to go to Settings > Sign out.

To get to Settings, look in the upper left corner and hit the button that has 3 lines on top of each other (like this = but with 3 lines). If that button is not there, hit the back arrow enough times until it shows up.

Once you click that button you'll see Settings on the left pane.

Click it, then on the next screen click Sign Out.

I have no idea why Youtube is making it so hard to sign out but, now you know how.


That didn't work for me, that option wasn't visible on the app. Instead, I started the process of uploading a video again from camera roll then when in the upload window before you take it to next stage I scrolled down to where it says user account ( my email or user name), touch screened that and there was an option to sign out popped up :D


Go to settings and you should be able to find a log out option

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    Could you elaborate on where in settings this lies? The leading answer shows it in the … More tab of the app as opposed to settings.
    – bmike
    Commented May 27, 2013 at 6:08

I just deleted the app then redownloaded it

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