I just updated to High Sierra, now I see this this message (as shown in the screen shot)

"Installed version of macOS unsupported.
The installed version of FUSE it too old for the operating system ..."

enter image description here

Could somebody help me -

a) Find out why / how and by whom fuse was installed (I have not done it specifically as far as I can recall)

b) How to upgrade it to remove the error

Thanks for your help.

  • If you did not specifically install it, it likely came with something else you installed. you may have to go through your Applications folder and go to the website of each App and search for FUSE. – Steve Chambers Oct 18 '17 at 0:04

If you are not aware of any app needing FUSE you can remove it. You should see an icon in System Preferences for FUSE. You can remove or update from there:

FUSE System Preferences

See also: FUSE for macOS website

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  • Thanks Michael, I will try updating it (as cannot delete it as development machine and would need to find out what was using it), will tick the answer if it resolves the issue on reboot. – WickedW Oct 18 '17 at 8:29

Going to the FUSE for macOS website, downloading and installing the latest version of FUSE from here solved he problem. Less hassle than trying to find the App using the outdated version. Although when it installs it doesn't select the reverse compatability tool, its worth doing so.

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