I have updated my MacBook Pro to macOS High Sierra 10.13. I previously used Paragon NTFS but now it's not working so I uninstalled it. However I noticed I can still read and write to my external hard drive without any other app.

Does this mean macOS High Sierra natively supports writing to NTFS external drives?


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You actually can, and I just did it.

In short:

  • note the label of your NTFS volume.
  • edit /etc/fstab even if it doesn't exist, e.g. with sudo vi /etc/fstab
  • Add this line for every NTFS volume: LABEL="VOLUME_NAME_WITHOUT_QUOTES" none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse
  • Re-plug your drive.

You will not see the drive in Finder's "Devices", because this option requires nobrowse to work, but it is mounted in /Volumes/<ntfs_label>


By default, no, High Sierra only gives read support for NTFS. You can enable write support with popular free tools like FUSE + NTFS-3G.

Tested and working for free on High Sierra: https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/213575/62697

If you have Paragon or Tuxera, then you paid for a support and they will certainly help you to install the latest compatible version of their respective softwares.


It's impossible to write to a NTFS drive on High Sierra without a third-party solution. You might have FUSE installed. To check if you have it installed go to the System Preferences and check if you see the FUSE icon there.

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