I have already installed macOS High Sierra. About Mac But it still shows download option in the App Store. macOS High Sierra in App Store

Also, the some of the new features that High Sierra is providing like Automatic stopping of videos with sound in Safari, was already updated in my system before I even clicked the download button for installing macOS High Sierra.

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The download button in App Store is there by design, so you can download a backup copy, a copy for another computer, virtual machine, etc.

Safari 11, the version in High Sierra, is available as a update for Sierra and El Capitan, which enables features like autoplay sound blocking. You probably had auto updates enabled if you don't remember installing it.

  • Thanks a lot @user71659. One more thing!, I heard that Apple released a security patch for High Sierra. However, it is still not available on App Store. So, can I download it from somewhere else?
    – scipsycho
    Oct 17, 2017 at 10:56

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