I have a couple of audio books on my MacBook which I want to listen to on a Road Trip. I imported the files in iTunes and then changed the media type to "Audiobook".

Now they show up as an audiobook, but it seems they won't get uploaded to the iCloud.

Q: Do I have to label the files as normal Music files with the genre "Audiobook" to be able to listen to them on the go, or is there a way to upload audio books to iCloud?

How does the iCloud in general handle audiobooks by the way? It seems in earlier versions of OS X and iOS I could just upload the files via iTunes Match.

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iTunes Match will only sync music.

Yes, in order to upload an audio book using iTunes Match to make it available on your other devices you need to change thy media type to "Music".

I subscribed to iTunes Match when it became available in 2011 and can't remember being able to sync anything but songs. The same is also true for Voice Memos.

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