I'm new to all of this, starting from scratch, and looking for the current best alternative for Mac OS X 10.11 for TextWrangler now that it's discontinued.

  • Please read this post on how to ask for software recommendations. Also, there are a whole bunch of Q&As about editors already on this site where the answers should give you a lot of options to try. – nohillside Oct 14 '17 at 14:40

TextWrangler was always a feature-subset of the paid, full-featured BBEdit, from barebones.
Without a paid license, BBEdit runs just like TextWrangler & is a direct replacement for it.

Same maker, same look, same feature-set, opens all your saved documents, runs without an added license. The only action you need to do is install the app.

Ref: BBEdit FAQs for TextWrangler Customers

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    TextWrangler was always a subset of BBEdit, so you shouldn't have to relearn any shortcuts or how things work with the unregistered version of BBEdit. – Ɱark Ƭ Oct 14 '17 at 13:43

I switched to Atom. A free editor with a ton of options. It is very good if you plan on programming. For just writing memos and things like that I now use TextEdit which comes with OSX.

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Several of my developers swear by Brackets.

There's also the venerable TextSoap.

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