With 10.13. I using Item2 to compile golang (src/all.bash). When cpu is get 100% The Item2 can't response. I have already open Activity Monitor. But I can't force quit the Item2. Then I quit Activity Monitor and start again. This time it show nothing. Other graphic app Chrome and Pycharm work fine.

And I can't open Item2 and Terminal too.

I have Virtual Studio Code installed. And open it's "Integrated Termnial"(which I can have a zsh). I can pwd, But I can't ps and top (this mean it hang on don't return)

I can't open Dr Cleaner too. Something software related process monitor can work.

I also notice when the Item2 is not response. I see a process take a huge virtual memory.

Another things: I try to use Activity Monitor's tool "Running System Diagnostics" but it is always in running status and can't stop.

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    Exactly what is the contents of src/all.bash ? that might help seeing that to see why it's causing cpu to spike to 100%
    – MitchellK
    Commented Oct 15, 2017 at 14:13

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Did you have htop open? You might be experiencing this issue https://github.com/hishamhm/htop/issues/682

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  • I indeed often use htop. But I am not sure I open htop when it is crash. (I already reboot the machine) and you link is helpful (I don't think is htop related, So don't google about it)
    – jiamo
    Commented Oct 17, 2017 at 14:22

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