As per apple new update in iTunes app install via iTunes option is removed and if you want to install app you need to use Apple Configurator 2 to install app through system.

But Above Tool is for MAC user only what about Windows user how can i distribute my app to windows users?

Any Idea how to install iPA file through windows machine ?

Note : Due to security reason my company not allowed to use any third party site like Diawi.

Help me to find out way to install my app through windows machine.

Thanks in Advance!

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Apple have very quietly released iTunes 12.6.3 - compatible with iOS 11 & still containing the App Store.

Apple KB: Deploy apps in a business environment with iTunes

You need the direct link, it apparently does not appear as an update.
Mac link.
Windows 32 bit link.
Windows 64-bit Link.

If you've already been using 12.7 you may have luck importing your 12.7 lib to a clean 12.6.3 Library, as outlined on MacRumors, but I had no joy.

I ended up restoring a backup of my Library [just the catalog not all the tunes] from a time before i updated to 12.7.

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