Sometimes I get caught walking my dog back home in the dark. When that happens, I'd liked to be able to hold my iPhone 6 up and let the LED blink so that I'll be more visible to traffic on our seldom-traveled road. I searched for apps to do this simple thing, but I came up empty. Surely there's a way to get the phone's LED to constantly blink, right?


I'm not sure what search criteria you're using, but there are countless flashlight/torch apps that offer this function. Usually they refer to an option in their settings for a Strobe effect - this flashes the LED.

I've just done a search on the iOS App Store using the term "flash light" and the first three hits offered flashlight apps with a strobe option:

NOTE: I have not personally used any of these apps, nor am I affiliated in any way with the developers.

  • I searched for things like "iPhone LED blink." It didn't occur to me to search for "flashlight," because the iPhone has flashlight functionality as part of iOS. Now that I know what to search for, I'll try some of the apps that are available. – KnowItAllWannabe Oct 11 '17 at 4:30
  • iPhone has a stock flashlight feature built into the phone's software. Swipe up to see your control panel, its on there. – Melvin Jefferson Oct 12 '17 at 0:59
  • Right, but the stock flashlight doesn't blink. – KnowItAllWannabe Oct 13 '17 at 3:00

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