I have a macbook pro (15 inch mid 2015 with macOS High Sierra) with Hebrew keyboard (the keyboard has this https://support.apple.com/library/content/dam/edam/applecare/images/en_US/keyboards/hebrew_notebook.png layout, this is European layout with Hebrew keys on it).

On the '7' key there are the '&' and the '₪' sings. The '&' sign can be triggered by the standard shift-7 shortcut, but I don't have any idea for how to use the '₪' sign (its pretty useful in Hebrew). I haven't found any solution (not online or in the keyboard settings), does anyone has any idea?



If you are in High Sierra and using the Apple "Hebrew" or "Hebrew qwerty" input source, you should get ₪ via Shift-7. For & you have to do caps lock shift 7.

If you are using the "Hebrew PC" layout, ₪ will be Option 4 (and Shift 7 will give you &).


System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources will let you add multiple international keyboard configurations, and both Hebrew and Hebrew (QWERTY) map the ₪ symbol to shift-7. In that preference pane, you can also add the Input menu to your menu bar, which will show you what keyboard input is active with a little flag icon, and it will let you switch between them easily.

To get the ₪ sign regardless of what keyboard input is selected, you could go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text and add a text replacement shortcut like ";sheq" or ";שקל" and paste the ₪ character in. Then every time you type that string (the appended ; will prevent you from ever typing it unintentionally), the system will auto-suggest ₪ to replace it.

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