Ever since I’ve updated my iPad Pro to iOS 11.0.2 I’ve had a problem with some dialog boxes popping up too quickly. It’s mainly the save/copy image dialog that is frustrating me.

enter image description here

It does it when I’m reading a page that has links or images on the right hand side of the screen. I will be scrolling with my thumb and if I am touching an image while scrolling the save/copy dialog pops up instantly. I then have to tap the screen to make the dialog go away to continue scrolling. It is very frustrating. Usually you have to tap and hold for a second without moving your finger to get that box, but it pops up almost immediately. Sometimes it will also do this when I’m tapping a link that is also an image. The screwy thing is that it will actually scroll for second or go to the link I tapped with the dialog on the screen. But I have to clear the dialog before it will recognize any further gestures. And it doesn’t do it every time, but most of the time.

I read an article saying that iOS 11 introduces 5 different kinds of tap. So they obviously changed the tap and hold gesture.

Is there any place to adjust how long it takes to tap and hold?

The only thing I have found is in accessibility settings. There is a function that says “hold duration,” but that delays how long the screen takes to recognize that you are touching it at all. That’s not what I want. What I am looking for is that when you just tap something, or touch it and immediately move your finger (as in scrolling) that it won’t recognize it as a tap and hold.

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