My filesystem was corrupted when updating to High Sierra so I wiped it and restored my files from a dropbox backup. However, I didn't back up my iMessages because I thought I could easily restore them through iCloud. Since Apple removed the iCloud message history synchronization feature after the iOS 11 and High Sierra beta period, is there currently a way to transfer my past messages from my iPhone to my laptop and view them within the Messages app?

All of the third-party solutions I've found so far export iPhone iMessages to pdf or csv files rather than the archive format used by Messages on MacOS.


did you make backups of the iPhone on the mac (with iTunes or iMazing): if so you can easily restore the messages from the backup.

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    Yes I did, but how can I restore the backup such that I can see historical messages within the Messages app in MacOS? The iPhone backup contains a bunch of hashed filenames and nothing that looks like files I can drag to ~/Library/Messages/. Am I missing something obvious? – Julian Ceipek Oct 7 '17 at 18:08

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