You know that you are forced to type the Hindu-Arabic numbers (١٢٣٤...) in iOS and Mac OS if you are using the "Arabic Keyboard", so if you wanted to type English numbers (which in fact called Arabic numbers 🤢) like (1234...) you will have to switch to the English keyboard, type the number, then get back to Arabic Keyboard.

Is there any way to override this? I am already using Karabiner to remap some keyboard keys, but it is not useful for the problem I am facing.

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enter image description here

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Arabic keyboards always have the ability to type English numbers built in. Just hit the Caps Lock key in MacOS.

In iOS, try doing Press and Hold on a number key.


Well you can change the keyboard arabic type, you see when you choose arabic as another typing language you should choose "Arabic - North Africa" from the system preference of your maciOS.

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