I have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (MacBookPro13,3, 2016 - running 10.12.6 as it's a company laptop and I cannot update) with two monitors plugged in, each using a USB-C port (but using a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter for each). Whenever it wakes from sleep, the screen arrangement of these two monitors will have switched from what I set it as and I have to go into System Preferences and move them back to get my preferred arrangement back. Just to clarify - the cables have not been switched during this time.

I feel like I remember reading about this issue a while ago on the MacBook Pro but cannot find anything about it. Does anyone have a solution?


I have the same problem with my MBP running Mac OS 10.13.1. My non-Apple monitors are plugged into an OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock using USB-C to Display Port and Thunderbolt to Display Port cables. So far, the only solution I have come up with is to keep my monitors awake. I am using a black screen saver to make the monitors go dark after 10 minutes. While this is not ideal, it does solve the issue of the displays changing places.

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